Our affiliate program

UNFO Med Ltd. is dedicated to bringing effective and accessible treatment options for infants suffering from foot deformities like metatarsus adductus (MTA) and clubfoot.

We at UNFO strongly believe in the importance of providing relief to infants and their families, preventing unnecessary pain and anxiety and bringing aid to infants who have been labeled “incurable.”

As such, we at UNFO Med Ltd have developed and patented the UNFO foot brace – a revolutionary, child-friendly corrective foot brace that provides effective, safe, and stress-free treatment for common congenital foot deformities in newborns.

Become a Partner

UNFO is continuously developing relationships and alliances with those wishing to partake in our mission to promote and distribute our products worldwide.  These companies and distributers can enjoy a myriad of advantages offered by our partnership program, including:

  • An innovative, cost-effective, unique and patented product
  • Taking part in a socially conscious business project for an increasingly relevant  cause
  • A high marketing and revenue potential

Our successful partnerships rely on mutually valuable advantages stemming from each side’s professional capabilities, market reach and unique experience.

Should you wish to join our partners/distributors program and take part in promoting and distributing UNFO’s innovative, patented products, please provide your contact information below and we will be in touch with you shortly.