Our Patients feedback

Rocklin Family,
For anyone with a baby or about to have one, please listen up:

I knew there was something wrong with David’s feet the very first day we brought him home from the hospital.

We made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and he told us that he had a severe case of Metatarsus Adductus on one foot and a mild case on the other. His recommendation was to go to UNFO Med Ltd and get this treated immediately.

We were very nervous about beginning a medical treatment for a newborn baby. We didn’t want anything invasive or that would cause him pain.

All we knew about this condition was that Mark’s uncle had the same condition, and he wore a cast for many months as a baby and it was very uncomfortable and restrictive.

Eilon Daizade and his father (inventor of this medical technology) Dr. Izak Daizade assured us that this would not be the case, very different in fact. There would be no pain, no discomfort, the shoes were even biodegradable and technically edible (babies, you know?)

However, the risk is great. If we don’t intervene in the first 9 months of David’s life, it will be too late for this treatment. He may have difficulties walking and the treatment after 9 months is far more complex.

Within two weeks of starting the treatment with the UNFO orthopedic sandals, the treatment was working 100% and we could see David’s feet straightening. There was no casts, no metal rods. Just these croc-like sandals and socks. It’s really that simple. Today, David has officially stopped the treatment and this issue has been 100% corrected.

The UNFO treatment and care is simple and we are relieved that our son is in no pain and will be able to live his life without any physical limitations.

I hope to spread this message of awareness to anyone with a newborn or expecting because the treatment must be started before 9 months old. In Israel, this is the standard treatment for something like this, but in America they are still catching up

UNFO is revolutionizing the way that babies are treated for this condition. I hope every parent makes sure to not just get their babies hips checked at 6 weeks but also their feet.

Mesika family:
At the age of 3 months, during a routine examination by a pediatric orthopedist, I discovered that my amazing little daughter had feet that were turned inward. The deformity is called “Metatarsus Adductus”. I understood from the doctor that this is a common problem, and that the lower legs must be put into a cast up to the thighs for one-and-a-half to two months. I was anxious about this, and I began to read about it on the Internet. Luckily, I found out about the Israeli UNFO method by Dr. Izak Daizade, and I was amazed to find that there is another alternative. We began treatment with UNFO splits, and without even noticing it, her feet grew normal, and quickly became like any normal baby, with no pain and with no unnecessary procedures.
So thank you for this revolutionary method, and for the easy, simply and amazing process.
And to every hesitant parent, don’t think twice. Just start this treatment quickly, The results are rapid and assured.
From my personal experience